Album Review | Širom – “A Universe That Roasts Blossoms For a Horse”

It’s really hard to find right words about this exceptional and experimental record with the most unusual name A Universe That Roasts Blossoms For a Horse. One thing is certain – this record does not fit in  pop music format and style of any kind. Just like with their first album I Can Be a Clay Snapper from 2017., Širom was not limited by tracks duration nor projection of any kind that can eventually lead listener to fulfilling his expectations about possible ending of any single track on their second and upcoming record  A Universe That Roasts… As member of the trio Ana Kravanja has said: ‘I feel many musicians fear seeing a melody fall apart, but I find it enjoyable. It is only then that it can turn into something new’.

We’ve had a honor of listening this unique record few weeks prior to its release due to openhandedness of the record house Glitterbeat Records who gave us digital exemplar of this masterpiece from Slovenia. Heavy sound of the viola, percussions, banjos on this records is often followed by sounds made by hand-made and improvised instruments. A Universe That Roasts… can at least partially be included in world music category although trio does not consider its music strictly folk, not even traditional. ‘This is not Slovenian traditional (or traditional Slovenian) music. It might be produced from and by each of the three landscapes in which the band were raised – the Karst, the hills of Tolmin, the eastern plains of Prekmurje – but unpicking what came from where is an impossible endeavour‘ is what bandmembers have to say about their musical syle. After all, they’ve described their music as ‘imaginary folk’. Categorizing their music in any genre box is only up to bandmembers and their will to classify their own work (if there is any attention and desire regarding). Neverless, ambiental conceptuality on whole record sounds to me like roots of tradition have grown their own roots; deep, strange and mistycal sometimes. Among many great producers listed, name Chris Eckman stands out to me the most. Reputable musician and producer has already worked with many great world music projects around the world, mostly geographically spanning from Sahara to Balkans: Tamikrest, Samba Touré both from Republic of Mali and Igralom from Niš in Serbia – to name just a few, and of course – Glitterbeat which he co-found in 2012. 

An amazing potential has already been recognized among many European and especially British music magazines. Their second album is patiently waited for by many fans around Europe and even wider regarding to posts and comments on social media pages is last few weeks when  A Universe That Roasts… came to attention, especially after an amazing video made by some original artists and band asociates for leading single on an upcoming album. Single may be the best track on record and it’s named Low Probability of a Hug or Brez velike verjetnosti objema in Slovenian. 

Band has already orginized Blossoms For a Horse Tour around Europe, from Italy to Skandinavia to name a few. We certainly  hope Širom is going to span tour to countries southern of Slovenian borderlines sometimes in the future. 

Author: Alen Mikec

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