Breathe Atlantis release first single ‘My Supernova’ off their upcoming album »Soulmade«

Breathe Atlantis release first single ‘My Supernova’ off their upcoming album »Soulmade«

German alternative rock newcomers BREATHE ATLANTIS just started the pre-order and released the first single,‘My Supernova’, off their upcoming third full length record »Soulmade« which will be released on the 25th of January 2019 via Arising Empire. The music video for their brand new single is available on YouTube now.

Pre-order their upcoming album »Soulmade« here.

Nico Schiesewitz (vocals): „For me it was important to approach this project more deeply, and in a more personal fashion – to just be more honest. The lyrics have 100% come straight out of my soul, showing the spiritual abyss hiding within.“

Watch the first single ‘My Supernova’ here:

Get the song here.

The band will be supporting IMMINENCE on tour together with
OUR MIRAGE in December:

Presented by: SLAM, musix, TätowierMagazin, FUZE,
05.12.   D            Münster – Sputnik-Café
06.12.   D            Erfurt – Museumskeller
07.12.   D            Leipzig – Bandhaus
08.12.   D            Berlin – Musik & Frieden
09.12.   CZ          Prague – Nová Chmelnice
10.12.   A            Vienna – Chelsea
12.12.   CH          Zurich – Werk 21
13.12.   D            Munich – Backstage
14.12.   D            Frankfurt – Nachtleben
15.12.   D            Dortmund – FZW
16.12.   NL          Amsterdam – Melkweg
17.12.   F             Paris – Backstage By the Mill
19.12.   D            Stuttgart – clubCANN
20.12.   D            Hanover – Lux
21.12.   D            Hamburg – Indra Club 64
22.12.   D            Kiel – Pumpe

Tickets here.

The band also released their own special take on SNOW PATROL‘s song ‘Chasing Cars’.

Watch ‘Chasing Cars’ here.

Frontman Nico states: „The song has had a special meaning to me ever since I first heard it. So I was super excited to give this track our own unique and personal touch.”

The band from Essen have been causing quite a stir over the past few years since their inception in 2012 – having made an impression both on record as well as live with their energetic and driven live shows.
They freshly signed a deal with Arising Empire and will drop their third full length record, »Soulmade«, which will contain eleven songs on the 25th of January 2019.

Band comments: “We can’t wait to take this next big step together with the Arising Empire family. We are excited and absolutely looking forward to our the future cooperation.”

»Soulmade« tracklist:
1. My Supernova
2. Cold
3. Don’t Need You Now
4. Fall
5. Spirit
6. I Think It Isn’t Fair
7. Soulmade
8. Savage
9. At Night
10. Addiction To The Worst
11. Everyone Else

Vocalist Nico Schiesewitz explains: „For us the most important thing was to not push our songs into any certain direction, but let them come to maturity as naturally as possible. On this record we bound ourselves less to any unyielding ideas, but rather put a focus on the quality of each track. This time there was only one thing we were strictly bound to – emotion!“

Nico Schiesewitz | vocals
Joschka Basteck | guitar
Jan Euler | bass
Markus Harazim | drums