Cold Snap release album trailer for ‘All Our Sins’

Cold Snap release album trailer for ‘All Our Sins’

After winning the label deal competition vote in 2017 by a large margin and convincing the entire jury, groove metal newcomers COLD SNAP from Croatia signed a contract with Arising Empire last year.

Now it's time for the band, who has also won the award “Zlatna Koogla” for “the best young act” in their home country, to release new material to show the world why they definitely deserved the signing to Arising Empire. On July 6th, 2018 the band will release their brand-new, fourth studio album »All Our Sins«!

Band released their album trailer for »All Our Sins« where they talk about their songwriting, lyrics, artwork and their work with Tue Madsen. Watch it now here:

COLD SNAP recently released their first single ‘Distance’ plus its official music video. The video, directed by Jan Kerekes and Tin Majnaric was shot within two days with over 80 people being involved. COLD SNAP, famous for their DIY attitude, set up sets for all scenes on their own, including 40 meters of fence with barbed wire. The video was inspired by the current situations in our world with every day more than 50 000 people all around the world leaving their home and their loved ones in search for better lives. This video is dedicated to all those who left everything, who understand the inner struggle of a person who loves, a person who cares about their family or friends and who wants to change things for better.

Watch the video here:

Get the single digitally or stream the song here.

Pre-Order »All Our Sins« (digitally or physically) here.

The album, which was produced, mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen (HEAVEN SHALL BURNMADBALLKATAKLYSMAT THE GATESMESHUGGAH, and many more) in his Antfarm Studios in Denmark includes 12 songs of brutal Groove Metal that speak about various topics from the band members’ various perspectives. Ranging from personal issues, such as watching close family members endure pain and suffering due to illness, to general views of the world as it exists today including people having to flee from their war torn homelands or famous musicains feeling the need to take their own lives. It also includes guest parts of Eddie Berg (violins, vocals) and Harald Barrett (vocals) from IMMINENCE. The artwork for »All Our Sins« (see above) was created by Željko Manojlović.

»All Our Sins« track list:
01. Hešto And Pujto
02. Fallen Angels
03. Nothing
04. Demons
05. Crawling
06. Remission
07. 2 4 The System
08. Witness Of Your Sickness
09. No We’re Not Even
10. Pain Parade
11. Hated
12. Distance

Upcoming live shows of COLD SNAP:
21.07.              BG       Plovdiv – Hills of Rock
24.07.              SLO     Tolmin – Metaldays
26.07.              HR       Koprivnica – RockLive
27. – 29.07.      D          Warmbronn – RockXplosion
16. – 18.08.      CZ        Litoměřice – Death Coffee Párty

The chaos started in the spring of 2003!

As of today, COLD SNAP have done almost 400 shows around Europe, including tours with PRO-PAINDEAD BY APRIL and EKTOMORF as well as having entered the stages of countless festivals such as Wacken Open AirMetal CampMetal FestMetal DaysSun Valley Metal FestMetal Fest Croatia amongst others. So far COLD SNAP has released one EP, »Mea Culpa« (2005, self-released), and 3 LP albums: »Empty Promises«(2008, Dancing Bear Records), »Perfection« (2010, Made In Germany-music, MK II label) and »WORLD WAR 3« (2013, self-released; 2014, Eclipse Records).

The difference between COLD SNAP‘s previous releases and »All Our Sins« lies within the records straight forward approach to the music and ‘in your face’ attitude as the band like to say. The album possesses a fresh and modern sensibility whilst maintining the bands signature heaviness. The addition of a second vocalist allowed the six piece to widen the scope of their sound with the introduction of more prominent screamed and growled vocals, as well as a more groove oriented approach to riffing that melds the familiar bounce of nu-metal with the bands signature cut throat attack.

COLD SNAP‘s music is like a punch in the face. Exuding a weight that is undeniable whilst maintaining a vitality that keeps the band sounding fresh and cutting edge despite the tried and tested style that makes them feel so familiar from the first listen is their true talent. The band's infectious sound paired with a live show that means they look comfortably at home on the main stage of any large festival is enough to make anyone realise that they are a very real force to be reckoned with and they aren't showing any signs of stopping.

Jan Kerekeš – Vocals
Dario Sambol – Drums
Zoran Ernoić – Bass
Dario Berg – Vocals / Samples
Dorian Pavlović – Guitar
Zdravko Lovrić – Guitar

Photo: Dario Horvat

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