Desertfest Berlin 2019

Desertfest Berlin 2019 Adds Fu Manchu, The Devil and the Almighty Blues, Zig Zags and Swedish Death Candy to Lineup

Perfect in time for Christmas, DESERTFEST BERLIN is making a very special gift to all of you desert rockers and riff lovers: they announced 4 more high class acts to the already eclectic line-up in 2019!

Since the band’s inception, FU MANCHU has built itself a fanatical army of loyal enthusiasts all drawn to the group’s guitar-driven sound and carefree lyrics centered on old muscle cars, choppers, vans, skateboarding and science fiction. Over their impressing career, FU MANCHU has released 12 albums and has performed to sold out audiences all over the world. While 2018 marked a new chapter for the fuzz rock pioneers with the release of their 12th album, Clone of the Universe, the band returned with a roaring mix of straight ahead blistering rock and unexpected time shifts, heavier than anything they’ve ever done before! 2019 sees desert rock legends Scott Hill, Brad Davis, Bob Balch and Scott Reeder embarking on new adventures: With EXCLUSIVE SHOWS only at DESERTFEST BERLIN + LONDON, the Kings of The Road aren’t slowing down anytime soon! “Germany is one of our favorite places to play and the crowds are always amazing. We’re stoked to be coming back to Berlin as part of Desertfest!” the band comments. And so is DESERTFEST BERLIN stoked to welcome FU MANCHU in 2019!

With a profound love for the old heroes of the blues walking hand in hand with rock, metal, country and last but not least punk, THE DEVIL AND THE ALMIGHTY BLUES is armed with vintage Gibson guitars and tube amplifiers to take over DESERTFEST BERLIN 2019! The Norwegian quintet’s blues- based rock is so heavy without becoming metal, slow without being doom, bluesy without being straight up and boring. THE DEVIL AND THE ALMIGHTY BLUES play their music slow, heavy, melodic and raw, all without losing the almighty blues out of sight we are going to see live at the ARENA BERLIN, when they will also unleash upon us a brand new album in the Spring of 2019!

Grab your pack of ZIG ZAGS desert rockers, as DESERTFEST BERLIN will bring you the Los Angeles- based sci-fi power trio live on stage! With their scuzzy fusion of punk, metal and stoner sounds, ZIG ZAGS are ripping out faces and shredding so heavily that we may raise beers in non-ironic salute to their Voivod worship! These guys will deliver the ultimate soundtrack to get high on their sounds, be prepared for a rad and insane live set at DESERTFEST BERLIN!

Tunes as thick and heavily layered, powerful and melodic at the same time, SWEDISH DEATH CANDY are rounding up today’s special Christmas announcement! Following their formation in 2014 and thundering live shows later, the four-piece psych band quickly began to grab attention from rock fans all over the globe. For a good reason: The variety within the band’s individual backgrounds, skill sets and influences has led the band to be truly unique – and one that is vital for today’s current scene.

DESERTFEST BERLIN 2019 will take place between May 3th – 5th 2019 at the riverside in the heart of Berlin, the ARENA. The festival will not only provide a new sound-and payment-system on the ground, but also more space PLUS a psychedelic wonderland chillout- and live zone on the ‘Hoppetosse’ boat! Beside the weekend passes, DAY TICKETS are now available! The festival has also unveiled first splits of the line-up for each day, which will look as follows – with many more bands to be announced soon:

FRIDAY : All Them Witches / Witch / Colour Haze / Earthless / The Devil & The Almighty Blues / Mondo Generator / Nick Oliveri
SATURDAY : Fu Manchu / Kikagaku Moyo / Naxatras / Hällas / Wino / Zig Zags
SUNDAY : Om / Wovenhand / Long Distance Calling / Swedish Death Candy / 24-7 Diva Heaven

TICKETS available HERE

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