Tommy reveals staggering, self-produced + recorded debut single ‘Front’

Tommy reveals staggering, self-produced + recorded debut single ‘Front’

Meet Tommy, he shared his debut single ‘Front’. A staggering first offering, the track details an battle within himself – “oh lover you’re cold as the winter I know / you left me so empty and so fucking low / can I come over just once, just to say, I didn’t love you anyway”. Fusing elements of alternative indie-rock, folk, with a hint of blues inspiration – ‘Front’ is a sparse, impassioned, and exquisitely performed debut – suggesting a bright future ahead for the new artist.

Speaking a little more on the release, Tommy explained: “‘Front is a journey through a state of apathy and depression”. Lyrically, it’s evident that Tommy is struggling with something; searching for something for more. “A little late for all the sorrow I used to feed on it alone / now I crave somethIng bigger / a bit of’ joy beneath the bone” – he cries to a backdrop of crunching guitar lines and atmospheric percussion flourishes.

Stream Tommy‘s debut single ‘Front’ here
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“The chorus is a representation of the constant fight with voices in your head” – he went on to say. Whether those voices in his head are analysing the plight of a previous relationship, or an unfortunate situation he’s found himself in – is a mystery. What is clear to see though: Tommy‘s songwriting brings a feeling of hope to the situation. There’s an infectious sense of optimism in its delivery, suggesting that Tommy is ready to move forward.

The artwork for ‘Front’ was painted by Tommy himself, and will be a constant feature for his music with further releases set to arrive over the course of the next 6 months – with this debut live show planned for September 2018. Follow Tommy on tumblr and Instagram to see more of his art.

With a debut as fully fledged as this – the world is truly at Tommy‘s feet.

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